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Kick-off Meeting
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High-Level Design
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Our Process

Kick-off Meeting
A meeting in person or via Goto Meeting will occur at the start of a project to introduce the team
to our client. From the initial meeting, we'll acquire a clear understanding of the project goals and expectations. The scope of work will be discussed. Budget, time frame and project milestones will
be discussed. Initial ideas and deliverables and main point of contact will be determined.

Gather Information
In order to complete a project such as a printed materials, presentatiion or a website, the following
questions should be answered:
  • Who is the audience?

  • What is the message?

  • How many pages is the piece?

  • What are the dimensions?

  • Is there a specific budget?

  • Is there a deadline for completion?

  • Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?

Have the client provide examples of the style of design they like but pointing out websites or
printed pieces that they admire or think are complimentary to their particular project.

Create an Outline
Using the information collected from the kick-off meeting Hannah Studios will develop an outline of
the content based on project goals. The project outline will be discussed and approved by our client, prior to proceeding. For a new website, all of the sections included in the global navigation will be determined. Dimensions and technical specifications will also be designated.

This outline to your client for review and modifications. Once this is approved and finalized by the
client, Hannah Sutdios will be ready to proceed to the next step of the design process.

Submit a Proposal
A customized proposal will be presented to our client including, project scope, related costs, porject milestones and timeframe for the completion of work. A deposit will be required in order to start the desgin process. back

High Level Design
Hannah Studios will utilize brainstorming and various forms of research to create some initial designs for the client. Initial designs include creating a look and feel for the project that will mimic their existing brand, or develop a look for a new concept. Color, type styles, graphic styles and design themes will be presented to the client in this phase. One to three initial designs may be presented in this phase, depending on the client’s requirements and budget. The client may like elements from the different designs presented. This gives the client some options and allows them the ability to combine their favorite elements from each in the first round of editions.

For website design, the initial home page will be designed with all the main topics for navigation included. Main sections of the home page will be laid out. The initial home page is designed in Photoshop as a graphic jpg file for client review. For print collateral the initial cover design of a
brochure, for example, would be initially presented to the client in the form of a pdf file for review.

The client would review the initial designs and provide edits and feedback. One to two sets of edits will occur prior to client approval of the initial designs. The approved home page will serve as the basis for the design across the entire site. Then the content page design would be presented in the form of a jpg or pdf file for review. Once the high level designs are approved, then production and programming on the project can begin.

Production and Programming
Final approved artwork will then be spliced up and prepared for web or print production. All graphics
will be optimized for both web and print applications. Any web animation would also be designed
and produced at this time. Once all the graphic assets and the copywriting are completed, then the programming and development phase can begin.

Web templates will be created for the content of the website. Page templates will be created for printed materials to provide a consistent design and placement of important text and graphics throughout.

Pages will then be populated from the templates. Special modules, such as blogs and calendars
and forms will be developed. Web animation, video and other interactivity will be programmed into
the pages as well. Our client will be able to review the website online, in a development area either
on their website or from Hannah Studios server. Client edits will be implemented until the content
is approved. back

Quality Control and Browser Testing

We make sure that your website is working correctly on every page and that it views properly
in Firefox, Explorer and Safari.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
At Hannah Studios, we think about the way a client will search early in the design/development
process. We create sites with content that maximizes relevant keywords, coding that search
engines look for, and dynamic title and page description tags that get every page on your site
indexed by the major search engines and visible to the general public. Then, we refine the
ongoing process by testing until we achieved success.

Website Registration
Once your site is completed approved and all the SEO tags and coding are in place, Hannah
Studios will register your website with the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and
MSN. This will start the process of getting your website indexed and ranked by Google and the
other search engines.

Email Marketing
Once you drive visitors to your site, the next step to build a continuing and lasting relationship
with your client through email marketing. We assist clients in many aspects of email marketing campaigns from creating effective copy and innovative design to building custom email delivery
systems. We take every opportunity to offer programs that direct clients back to Hannah Studios
time and time again.

Hannah Studios has a tested process that ensures a successful project and a
satisfied customer experience!

Design Services from Hannah Studios, Inc.

Our Process

Our Process


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